From time to time, we here at AppAdvice come across an app or a game that just makes us go, “What the?” Now is one of those times, and you’re about to find out why.

We’ve just received word about an upcoming iPad game called Cause & Effect from an independent development studio called Velvet Rock Apps. But instead of the usual full press release, a simple webpage containing a rather perplexing video was what the studio sent us.

The 49-second “found footage” video, which you can watch below, is perplexing in that it shows nothing more than a somewhat disturbing scene of an unidentified man tied to a chair. Eventually, this man is ostensibly killed by a bullet shot through his head by another man, whose identity is similarly uncertain.

What’s it all about? And how does it link to Cause & Effect?

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Cause & Effect, Velvet Rock Apps explains (a bit reluctantly, it seems), is a movie-like game that combines real video footage and graphics.

In the game, you are to assume the role of a guy named Max Alvarez. You are, then, “a perfectly acceptable upstanding citizen who arrives home after a day at work but soon starts to realize that things aren’t quite as routine as normal.” Oooh …

Episodically divided and released into cryptic chapters, Cause & Effect is so named apparently because it “offers you different options throughout the story and the decisions you make will influence how the game ultimately plays out.” Sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook, but much, much creepier.

Like the identities of the two men in the video, the definite release date of Cause & Effect is as yet uncertain. But you can be notified once the game launches in the App Store by signing up here. Or you can just wait for our full announcement post or review here on AppAdvice.