As its subordinate title clearly indicates, Clear Browser is indeed a minimal full-screen browser.

Nope, Clear Browser is not associated with Clear, the popular to-do app by Realmac Software. But Clear Browser, which is developed by flyingcomma, does have something in common with Clear. And that’s a decidedly minimalist approach.

Clear Browser is minimal in that it practically does away with on-screen buttons and other extras while you’re browsing with it. It is, in fact, a full-screen Web browser for iPhone and iPad.

Just to be clear, though, the app’s on-screen buttons and whatnot get out of the way only when they’re not needed. But when they are needed, you can easily call them up with just a swipe.

On the iPhone, they can be accessed by swiping from the bottom of the screen. On the iPad, swiping from either side of the screen should do the trick.

Clear Browser

Note that these gestures are not made apparent right at the outset. I did figure them out after a few taps and swipes here and there, though. But a brief tutorial for first-time users will definitely be of help.

Clear Browser is available in the App Store for free. The app’s pro version, which is available in-app for $1.99, unlocks its advanced developer features and its unlimited cache for Visual History.

Visual History refers to Clear Browser’s “photographic memory.” Instead of presenting your browsing history as simple webpage titles, Clear Browser includes a screenshot for each item in your history. This way, you can quickly see which webpage you want to navigate back to.

This photographic memory is also applied to the app’s Bookmarks pane.

And speaking of the Bookmarks pane, it’s one of the new features added to Clear Browser through its recent update. The other new features are direct searching from the address bar and link sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight and minimal full-screen browser, stop waiting for Mozilla Junior and start using Clear Browser.