Extreme Road Trip 2 has just received an update, which adds 9 new cars to the free, universal app, and also makes a number of performance improvements and bug fixes.

Besides the new cars (6 of which can be unlocked with coins, and 3 for bucks), Extreme Road Trip 2 is now all the more compatible with jailbroken iDevices. As outlined in the app’s release notes, changes made in version 1.3 of the application include:

  • 9 new cars! (6 sold for coins, 3 for bucks)
  • Fixed saving problems on jailbroken devices
  • Change challenge menu to prevent Game Center spam
  • Attempt at fixing crashes at 2000m, 5000m and at very long distances
  • Other tweaks and fixes

After applying the update, if you encounter frequent crashes, then be sure to reboot your iDevice. (App crashes, that is – not car crashes!) After doing this, Extreme Road Trip 2 should run smoothly.

Currently, Extreme Road Trip 2 can be downloaded in the App Store for free. Take a look at version 1.3 of the application now, and start racing in those 9 new cars!