The end is near for Walking Dead: The Game.

Walking Dead: The Game is, of course, based on the acclaimed comic book series created by Robert Kirkman, which in turn spawned the hit television series.

A former AppAdvice Game of the Week honoree, Walking Dead: The Game is an engaging game set, rather predictably, in the zombie apocalypse.

But it’s no mere zombie shoot-em-up, mind you. Rather, Walking Dead: The Game is a well-thought-out point-and-click adventure game.

In the game, you play as Lee Everett, a man who practically gets a new lease in life just when the practically lifeless zombies start marching in.

Your chance of redemption comes in the person of an orphaned girl named Clementine, whom you must protect against the zombies throughout the game.

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A decidedly episodic game, Walking Dead: The Game is set to arrive at its fifth episode, which happens to be its season finale.

Titled “No Time Left,” the season finale will have you, having gone so far, answering the question: “Are you truly ready to put everything on the line … for Clementine?”

You can get a sneak peek into the much-awaited season finale by watching the latest episode of the special Walking Dead: The Game show “Playing Dead,” embedded for your viewing pleasure above.

Compatible with recent models of iPhone (4 and up) and iPad (2 and up), Walking Dead: The Game is available in the App Store for $4.99. The fifth and final episode of the game for this season will go live (and undead) on Wednesday, Nov. 21.