Ah, food. What would we do without it? More importantly, what would most Instagrammers do without it, seeing as it’s one of only a handful of things they’re committed to shooting and sharing? Well, if you’re one of the countless users who like taking pictures of food and uploading them for the world to see, perhaps this new app called Snapalicious will whet your appetite.

Snapalicious is an Instagram-like social network for foodies. It’s actually a new version of an app that went by the name Fudiz, which in turn was originally called Foody – The Food Social Network.

Snapalicious lets you take a photo of a dish and share it, Instagram-style, with other food lovers on the network.


Snapalicious includes the following improvements over its previous versions:

  • Leave and receive comments and tips for dishes.
  • Tell you like a dish simply by pressing a button.
  • Follow the best home-chefs in the world.
  • Get followed and show others how you cook.
  • Receive notifications for user you follow.
  • Now you can pick an image from the library if you don’t want to use camera.
  • Simplified login process which uses Facebook Connect.
  • The Activity view shows what is being cooked around the world.
  • A brand new user interface which will make your mouth water.

As it stands, being a social networking app that’s fresh-off-the-oven, Snapalicious can get a bit lonely. But, supposedly, once it attracts a considerable number of users, Snapalicious will enable you to effectively interact with other culinary aficionados around the world.

Designed for iPhone and optimized with iPhone 5 support, Snapalicious is available now in the App Store for free.