A new Kickstarter project called “Podi-m” can provide a sleek, minimalistic dock for iDevices sporting a Lightning connector. For a pledge of just $59, folks can secure a Podi-m for themselves. And what’s more, these “early bird” buyers will have their dock delivered in time for Christmas!

Already, a selection of Lightning-compatible iPhone docks are available (including adapters for pre-existing docks, and also Lightning-compatible speaker docks). However, Podi-m is different in that it really looks the part, matching the design of the iPhone 5 perfectly and providing a clever – and, more importantly, a safe – means of docking the handset’s Lightning port.

Podi-m sports a hinged connector, allowing the iPhone or iPad to “rock back” once docked, and rest against the support. Importantly, besides working with any iDevice, Podi-m is also compatible with any iDevice case. The dock is available in a number of different colors (black, white and limited edition maple and oak), all of which look great.

For more information, including a video overview and a bunch of images, head over Podi-m’s Kickstarter page. And let us know if you decide to back this project in the comments.