Apple has just added a Lightning to Micro USB adapter to its Apple Online Store. The new device, as its name suggests, allows Lightning-equipped iDevice owners to connect their mobile device to a Micro USB accessory, and can be yours for $19.00 (with shipping currently listed as “1-3 business days”).

Already, a number of adapters are available for the Lightning port: one is a Lightning to 30-pin adapter, and the other is a 0.2 meter cable version of the adapter, both of which are available for $29.00 and $39.00 respectively. However, if you think $19.00 is too much for the new Lightning to Micro USB adapter, an alternative (albeit unofficial) option is available online for under $10.

Of course, this accessory will only be of use if your mobile device rocks a Lightning port. Currently, Lightning-equipped iDevices include the iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, the fifth-gen iPod touch, and the seventh-gen iPod nano.

Are you planning on grabbing a Lightning to Micro USB adapter?

Source: Apple Online Store
Via: iDownloadBlog