AllThingD’s Walt Mossberg is out with his annual laptop buyer’s guide. In it, the respected reviewer has some kind words for Mac computers. However, much of his love is for Windows 8-powered machines, which are currently flooding the market.

The most important point to take away from Mossberg’s piece is that Apple’s laptops are now considered much more “traditional” than those being put forward by Windows-based laptop producers. He specifically mentions that Apple has yet to offer touch-screen computers, which is one of the selling points Microsoft is using to promote Windows 8.

He also mentions that Apple has “introduced confusion” by releasing “regular display and higher-resolution—and higher-price—Retina display” laptops.

My personal take is that Microsoft is taking a huge gamble by bringing touch-screen capabilities to laptops. However, I may be in the minority on this point. Only sales figures and time will tell the story.

If Windows touch-screen laptops do take off with consumers, I expect that Apple would bring the same technology to MacBooks in 2013.