News360 for iPad received a significant update last September, making the already superb tablet-optimized news app even better. Now, it’s News360 for iPhone‘s turn to receive a similar update that effectively refines the app’s ability to present the many sides of a story.

First and foremost, News360 for iPhone boasts a redesigned interface that is simply a delight to use. Not only does everything look spiffy, everything works smoothly as well.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, apparently. The overhauled News360 for iPhone also introduces a number of important enhancements.

When you first launch the updated News360 for iPhone, you get to specify which topics you’re interested in from a group of preselected topics.

News360 for iPhone

And if you have a specific topic in mind that isn’t included in the app’s initial selection, you can just search for it and add it yourself.

You can also connect to Facebook or Twitter so that the app can automagically find your topics of interest.

Of course, these topics will effectively determine what News360 for iPhone, particularly its new Home feed, will contain for you. It’s not subtitled “Your Personalized News Reader” for nothing, you know.

Furthermore, if you wish to make the app more personalized, just read, like, and share more articles that really appeal to you. As you do, the app learns more about your interests and gives you more relevant content.

Also duly optimized for Phone 5, the newly updated News360 for iPhone is available now in the App Store for free.