While there have been a few bumps in the road for Apple Stores this year, it doesn’t mean the locations are bringing in any less money for the company.

Fortune is highlighting a Retail Sails report that says once again, Apple easily tops the list of chain stores in the United States when ranked by sales per square foot.

Apple Stores bring in sales of $6,050 per square foot, more than double that of No. 2 Tiffany’s at $3,017 per square foot. Third place lululemon athletica brings in $1,936 per square foot. Coach and Micheal Kors round out the top five.

Last year, Apple’s retail outlets earned $5,626 per square foot.

Asymco’s Horace Dediu also did a nice job analyzing Apple Store’s sales numbers. In his report, he found that more than 100 million consumers visit an Apple Store every three months and each person spends an average of $45 per visit.

It’s been a difficult six months for the retail stores as far as leadership goes. John Browett was hired as Apple’s senior vice president of retail operations in May, but his tenure was almost immediately marked with difficulties. He ended up being fired in the company’s executive shakeup that happened in late October.

Via: Fortune
Source: Retail Sails