I like adding things to my pictures. Sometimes, I add some googly eyes to make my friends and family look paranoid and creepy. Sometimes, I add dinosaur pictures or bugs for my children’s amusement. Nothing quite compares with being able to turn the subjects of my photos into ventriloquist dummies. The iFunFace app lets you add recorded messages to your pictures and turn the photo subjects into animated videos.

My face with the red outline for the animation.

Here’s how it works. First, you either take a picture or select one from your photo album. The face should be completely in the picture and not too close to the edges. Otherwise, the face won’t animate correctly.

Next, you color the face in red. Be careful around the edges. It’s basic photo editing. Whatever background you leave around the edges of your face will show up in your animation. There are different brush sizes that you can use, and you can erase the red edges around the face to get a more distinct line.

Once you’ve colored in the face, you customize an outline of the chin and lower lip. This is what will move during your recorded message. It’s particularly helpful to make sure that the edges of teeth and lips end up where they’re supposed to go. You can change how wide the chin markings are, where they are positioned on the face, and where the corners of the mouth are.

My jaw unhinged and flapping.

After you’ve aligned the chin marker, it’s the moment of truth. It’s time for you to record your message. There are voice filters that you can use to either raise the pitch of the voice or lower it. You can do crazy things like have an adult talk like a squirrel on helium or a baby talk like a full grown man.

Today, iFunFace has released an update. Now, there are more accessories to decorate your animated pictures with. There are also more voice filters to add hilarity to your recorded messages, and you can have up to four characters in each animation.

Does it sound confusing? Don’t worry. The developers of iFunFace were kind enough to create an instructional video. You can check out the video right here:

Click here if you can’t see the embedded video.

The iFunFace app is universal, and it’s available in the App Store for $0.99.