Don’t be fooled by a new app that recently arrived in the App Store. Despite its claims, the $0.99 iMaps app does not use Google Maps behind the scenes. Instead, the app offers something that iOS 6 users are already getting for free — Apple’s own maps version!

According to iMap’s iTunes page:

★ Supports iPhone 5 Retina 4-inch Display ★
★ Supports iOS 6 and Later ★

Finally Google Maps is back to iOS 6 and Later.

Now you can move around the world with a Swipe of your Finger with iMaps®.

Main Features:
Find your current location.
Search for any address, city, or country all over the World with detailed result of the address, the latitude, and the longitude.
Drop/Remove Markers.
Air Printing.
Standard Mode and Classic Mode.
Map View, Satellite View, and Hybrid View.
And much more …

This isn’t true. In fact, the app’s legal link goes to Cupertino’s Maps copyright page:

Copyright page

Copyright page

iMaps - Don't Be Fooled

iMaps – Don’t Be Fooled

Hopefully, Apple will do something soon and pull this app!