There’s good old analog photography. There’s digital photography. There’s iPhoneography. And then there’s iPadography, and it’s apparently about to be revolutionized by the newly released Blux Camera for iPad.

Great. Now iPadographers, aka people who enjoy taking photos with a massive device at the risk of looking silly, have a new app to take advantage of.

But, hey, kidding aside, Blux Camera for iPad, which is essentially the big brother of the original Blux Camera for iPhone, shows great promise as an iPad-only camera app.

One of the good things about Blux Camera for iPad is that you can easily operate it with your thumbs while you’re holding your iPad or, preferably, your iPad mini.

Blux Camera for iPad

The app is built with a super sleek swipe interface that gives you control over your photos. With this interface, you can comfortably apply filters, modes, and other photo adjustments in real time.

What’s more, Blux Camera for iPad, just like Blux Camera for iPhone, includes P.E.A.R. technology.

Short for Photographic Environment Analysis and Recommendation, P.E.A.R. technology effectively provides a photographic assistant. This assistant analyzes your shooting environment and recommends the optimal shooting mode to help you come up with impressive photos.

Optimized with Retina iPad graphics, Blux Camera for iPad is available now in the App Store for the special introductory price of $0.99. The original Blux Camera for iPhone is, of course, still available and is regularly priced at a couple of dollars more.