Early this year, Realmac Software made waves with its ultra simplistic to-do app Clear, which allows users to create task lists with intuitive multitouch controls.

Clear was well received by tech sites and the general public, but it was lacking some important features, namely a syncing solution like Dropbox or iCloud. That oversight prevented Clear from replacing more fully featured GTD apps like OmniFocus.

With update 1.2, which went live today, Clear added iCloud integration. You are now able to store your lists in iCloud and access them on both iOS and your Mac. Clear for Mac is set to be released tomorrow, but there’s no word on an iPad app yet.

Clear’s update has also added a quote sharing feature. When you create a new list or view a blank list, the app always displays a quote. These can now be tweeted or added to Facebook.

Quick list switching and pasting text as lists are two other new additions to the app. You can swipe from the edges of your device to change between lists without having to use the menu, and you’re also able to copy a list of things that you need to do from an email and paste them into Clear with a shake of your device.

You can even send tasks to Clear from other apps now, like Launch Center Pro, which will come in handy.

These new features should add quite a bit of functionality to Clear, so if you’ve put the app on the shelf in favor of more fully featured to-do titles, it may just be time to dust it off and give it another whirl.

If you don’t already use Clear, you can download it from the App Store for $0.99.