After just a little less than a month in the App Store, the social iPad Web browser RockMelt has gotten a major update that incorporates many features users were asking for.

If you haven’t heard about RockMelt, the app looks to redefine the browsing experience. Instead of having to enter URLs and search for information, the app wants to bring users content they find interesting.

Users can connect with their Facebook and Twitter accounts and then subscribe to content that they would like to see.

Content can also be shared inside the app to followers that are also using the service.

Version 2.0.2 of the app adds a number of improvements. First, it is easier to manage people and sources. Users can see everything they are following from their profiles. Searching now also filters on people and sources, in addition to showing Web search results. On the profile pages of your friends, you can see who and what they are following.

The update also adds more and bigger images to make the stream look even better.

Finally, the new version of the app has faster search and navigation capability, faster reader view opening, more reliable page loading, smoother scrolling, and the usual bug fixes.

Overall, I hadn’t seen RockMelt before, but was very impressed. I’m looking forward to getting to use it more, especially on the iPad mini.

Rockmelt is designed only for the iPad. It can be downloaded in the App Store now.