If you’ve just picked up a new iPad or iPad mini and you happen to be looking for a good color splash app to use on your new tablet, then you’re in luck. ColorStrokes HD has just launched today to brighten up your images on your iPad or iPad mini.

ColorStrokes HD is, of course, the native iPad version of ColorStrokes for iPhone.

ColorStrokes used to go by the name Color Splash Studio. But last July, just a little over a month after the app’s debut in the App Store, Color Splash Studio was updated to version 2.0 with some enhancements and the name that it now carries.

ColorStrokes HD carries all of the core features of ColorStrokes for iPhone and, for that matter, ColorStrokes for Mac. But it does so through an interface that’s designed specifically for the tablet screens of the iPad and the iPad mini.

Colorstrokes HD

The new app comes with a bottom toolbar that is remarkably streamlined. The toolbar includes functions that cater to your color splashing needs.

ColorStrokes HD has provisions for color mask, grayscale, and paint tools, as well as brush, adjust, and effects settings. Of course, buttons to undo, redo, or complete an action are provided, too.

ColorStrokes HD is available now in the App Store for the special launch price of $0.99. That’s a couple of dollars less than its set regular price, so download it for your iPad or iPad mini now.