It started innocently enough.

One year ago, Bruce and Esther Huffman’s granddaughter posted a funny video to YouTube, entitled, “Webcam 101 for Seniors … ” In it, the Oregon residents are clearly having a difficult time using their new computer. Now, 11 million hits later, the Huffman’s are back, this time courtesy of The Daily.

Learning Siri

Learning Siri

For the next four weeks, The Daily will be posting videos of the couple as they attempt to learn how to use a number of technology tools. First up is their attempt to use Siri on an iPhone. Obviously, the result is nothing short of brilliant. Unfortunately, for Apple anyway, the Huffman’s experience is probably being duplicated often around the globe.

Take a look:

In the coming weeks, The Daily will teach the Huffman’s FaceTime, the Wii, and texting. We’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile, click here to see the video that started it all.