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Keeping track of your finances, especially around the holiday shopping season, can be a real drag, but it doesn’t have to be. CoinKeeper is a powerful yet beautiful finance app that makes sticking to your budget easy and fun.

Getting your budget started in CoinKeeper is super simple. You’re able to manually enter values, or you can have CoinKeeper automatically create your entire budget based on your income.

After your budget is set, you’ll be brought to the app’s main screen where you’ll see four different trays: salary, accounts, budget categories, and goals. Each tray is colored coded, and each can be customized and hidden using familiar touch and swipe controls.

Pretty graphs and charts.

Believe it or not, adding transactions is just as easy as setting up your budget and a lot more fun. You’re able to drag and drop coins from one tray to the other to record a transaction. The moment you release a coin, you’ll be asked to enter an amount and choose the day of the transaction. You’ll see the total add up right below the icon, which will also fill up based on how close you are to reaching your budgeted amount for that expense category.

CoinKeeper is absolutely loaded with a bunch of other great features as well, like full stat tracking complete with colorful pie charts and graphs, passcode protection, customizable notifications, instant or daily data backup, synchronization between devices, and even achievements for being a good budgeter.

You can learn even more about this wonderful finance app by checking out our in-depth review.

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