The Elevation Dock is an innovative and elegant dock that enabled easy undocking of an iPhone, whether the iPhone is encased or not. It’s a product of a Kickstarter campaign that ended successfully last February. As such, it went on to be shipped to the campaign backers and to the customers who bought it for $89. But here’s the thing: it’s now obsolete.

It’s now obsolete because, weeks after it began shipping, Apple debuted its new Lightning connector as replacement for the 30-pin connector that’s supported by the Elevation Dock.

Now, if you’re among the campaign backers and customers who have taken possession of the Elevation Dock and have upgraded to the Lightning-powered iPhone 5, don’t distress. There’s hope yet for your innovative and elegant dock.

Your Elevation Dock doesn’t have to be demoted to the sorry state of a mere paperweight. This is thanks to the new Lightning adapter specially designed by no less than the manufacturer of Elevation Dock, Elevation Lab.

To be sure, you can also purchase Elevation Lab’s new Elevation Dock for iPhone 5, but that will set you back another $89. A more affordable option is to take advantage of Elevation Lab’s new Lightning adapter, which costs only $15.

Elevation Dock

According to Elevation Lab, the bolt-in swappable adapter “mounts your Lightning cord safely and securely at a comfortable 9.5° back angle.”

It is also “super strong, 5-axis CNC machined from solid aluminum, tumble polished, bright red anodized.”

Of course, it works regardless of whether your iPhone 5 has a case or not.

Note that the adapter ships with a 1.5 mm hex wrench to aid you in replacing the 30-pin circuit board assembly on your Elevation Dock.

And in case you’re worried that this level of DIY-ing would tarnish the Elevation Dock’s look, rest assured that it maintains the dock’s clean look. The clamp is “hidden underneath with some special machining,” Elevation Lab guarantees.

As mentioned, the Elevation Dock Lightning adapter costs $15. You can order it by clicking here.