One week ago, many would have considered Scott Forstall Tim Cook’s most likely successor. Days later with Forstall gone, you would have thought that the lead iOS designer was the most disliked Apple executive since John Sculley. The latest story that paints a less than rosy picture of Forstall comes from Bloomberg Businessweek.

In a story that focuses on Jony Ive’s emergence as Apple’s new “Human Interface” guru, much is made of Forstall’s inability to work well with other employees. Specifically, the report cites Forstall’s divisiveness and joy for the limelight.

By contrast, Ive is portrayed as “crediting members of his team while minimizing his own role in the development of products.”

This follows a report previously that said Bob Mansfield’s return to Apple was largely tied to Forstall’s exit.

We’ll probably never know the full story behind Cook’s dismissal of Forstall. But one narrative is already taking hold: no one at Apple is shedding a tear over this week’s developments.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek