After Apple announced the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad, I suggested the reasons I was buying the smaller tablet. Since then, my decision has changed, ever so slightly.

When the FedEx truck arrives tomorrow, Nov. 2, I’ll be receiving both new tablets. The iPad mini will be my daughter’s Christmas gift, while the iPad with Retina display will replace my iPad 2.

Along with the tablets, I also purchased an iPad Smart Case, which arrived early. Unfortunately, the case came with an unwelcome surprise.

Apple did not change Smart Covers or Smart Cases to take into account the iPad 4’s smaller Lightning connector. Instead, they kept everything the same so that the accessories can work on the iPad 2 and later models.

Personally, this isn’t a deal breaker. Instead of seeing primarily a 30-pin connector through the case’s bottom hole, there is now the smaller Lightning connector and part of the tablet.

Nonetheless, this is important for readers to know. After all, because the cases haven’t changed, there is no reason to upgrade if you already have one.

Note: Apple never said that the cases would be different.