Back in April, when Facebook bought Instagram at $1 billion dollars (insert Dr. Evil laugh here), no one was quite sure how the tiny photo sharing service would fit into Facebook. Fast forward to today, where we’re still not quite sure, but have a better idea.

According to the iDownloadBlog, a unification of Facebook and Instagram accounts will be coming. It seems Facebook is already testing newer waters with how photos are uploaded from iOS devices, and Instagram has created new profile pages.

Both of these steps appear to hint at how the unification would look.

How well the merging of the accounts will go remains to be seen. Will older pictures be preserved? What about those who have an Instagram account, but refuse to get one for Facebook?

This change is in addition to Facebook loosening the restrictions of who can send messages to user accounts.

Users have until November 28th to post comments regarding these changes. Comments should be posted in the Documents tab on the Facebook Site Governance page.

However, it appears that Facebook intends to move away from the governance site in the future, citing that the system currently promotes the quantity of comments over the quality of them.

Ironic that they’re loosening user settings, while tightening their own, no?

Source: iDownloadBlog

Image Source: BetaKit