AppAdvice has teamed up with Made for Use in order to offer you a chance to win one of eight promo codes for Ultimate Downloader Pro ($1.99) for iPad, iPhone 3G3, third generation iPod touch and newer.

Typically, the lack of a generalized file manager in iOS isn’t a problem. However, the limitations occasionally surface, one being file format support. For example, Safari, Mail, Facebook, and most other apps allow image downloading, but don’t grant the same access to saving music or video files. You can stream them through Safari, but offline viewing requires file download apps, such as Ultimate Downloader Pro.

With Ultimate Downloader Pro, you can download nearly any file type, even if it can’t be viewed on an iOS app, and manage them all in a single area. Many file types are supported and sometimes better than the built-in iOS apps. For example, you can download this GIF of an adorable kitten falling asleep using Safari, but it doesn’t animate when viewed in the Photos app. Sort of defeats the purpose, right? Well, the same image plays just fine in Ultimate Downloader.

Of course, you can share or otherwise transfer files via email, social networks, and cloud storage services or send them to other iOS apps. The ability to upload files to Dropbox works perfectly when downloading unsupported files as they’re easily accessed on a personal computer later on. So, you can download a zip file, etc without needing to remind yourself with an emailed link and so on.

If this sounds like a tool you could really take advantage of, feel free to give it a test run by downloading Ultimate Downloader Lite.

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