Steve Wozniak is starring in a new game for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Woz With A Coz arrives Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22 in the App Store.

Developed by ITN FLIX in association with React! Games, Woz With A Coz has the Apple co-founder spending a quiet evening at home with his wife. Unfortunately, the evening is ruined when street thugs kidnap Woz’s better half, J-Woz.

Now it is up to you, as Woz and film legend Danny Trejo, to swing into action and rescue J-Woz before her kidnappers strike again. Along the way, you’ll meet and be able to play as other characters. These include recording artist Baby Bash, MMA World Champion ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans, and many more.

Here is Wozniak discussing the game:

Woz With A Coz looks quite interesting and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy when it arrives on Thursday. Are you planning on becoming Woz, if only in a video game?