My daughter recently celebrated her sixth birthday. Among the gifts she received was the $24.99 The Game of Life: zApped Edition. If you’re looking to finish up your holiday shopping and have a youngster on the list, this is definitely something to consider.

Created by Hasbro, the board game was created especially for the iPad and the free THE GAME OF LIFE ZappED edition app. To get started, you hand out the plastic cars and cash, and let the iPad do the rest.

Included are 100 clips from “America’s Funniest Home Videos” that serve to celebrate life events, bonus Payday mini games, and more.

The Game of Life: zApped Edition comes highly recommended. In my household, it was certainly the highlight to a busy birthday weekend.

Also available are MONOPOLY ZAPPED EDITION ($29.99), BATTLESHIP Movie Edition zAPPed Game ($17.99), and SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition Game ($17.99).