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Best New Apps Of The Week: 1Password, Google Maps And More

Today we're locking down our passwords, getting in the spirit of holiday themes, and mapping out a new way home with the best new apps of the week. If you are ready to take the plunge and protect your passwords, and your identity, then you need to check out the new 1Password. From the icon to the interface, 1Password is a completely new app. The only thing you'll recognize is the same great protection. Next we check out iTheme, and iTheme Xmas Edition, both are perfect for sprucing up your background and getting you in the holiday spirit. Plus, if you download iTheme Xmas Edition and leave a comment here, you'll be entered to win a free download of iTheme, usually a $0.99 download. Finally we wrap up the show by checking out our official AppAdvice App of the Week: Google Maps. Watch the show to see all this and more!
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