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Doodle Jump Receives A Cool New Theme Plus Five Cool Christmas Outfits

Doodle Jump, the game that is so "insanely addictive" that it comes with a warning, has just been updated with a new cool theme. And I do mean "cool." Both versions of the popular auto-jumping game, Doodle Jump for iPhone and Doodle Jump HD for iPad, have received the new Ice Blizzard theme. Supplementing the already existing Christmas theme, the Ice Blizzard theme features a chilly environment complete with blizzards that blow Doodle the Doodler sideways. It also comes with two new achievements: Storm Survivor for surviving the blizzard and Storm Rider for surviving three blizzards in one game. [caption id="attachment_367217" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Doodle Jump Christmas Special[/caption] If you're looking for a more Christmassy Doodle Jump update, that's exactly what you'll find in Doodle Jump's holiday-themed spinoff, Doodle Jump Christmas Special. In Doodle Jump Christmas, you get to collect gifts as you jump your way to the North Pole. These gift may contain special surprises or simple coins. You can use the coins in the new in-game store to purchase any of the five new outfits, each with its unique ability: Super Santa, Elf, Frost, Scrooge, and Reindeer. You can also exchange the coins for a magical resurrect tea pot or a head-start rocket. You can download Doodle Jump for iPhone, Doodle Jump HD for iPad, and the universal Doodle Jump Christmas Special in the App Store for $0.99, $2.99, and $0.99, respectively. Whichever Doodle Jump version you get and end up playing, you're bound to get a "cool" endless jumping experience this holiday season. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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