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Even Dropbox Is Getting Into The Photo-Sharing Business As They Buy Snapjoy

Dropbox has purchased Snapjoy in an alliance that will almost certainly be used to take on Facebook’s Instagram. Released for iPhone only in October, Snapjoy is a free service that organizes photos and makes them accessible anywhere. According to a posting on the Snapjoy blog:
As a fellow Y Combinator company, we’ve always admired Dropbox and loved their product. From the moment we met the founders, it was clear we shared a common goal. By combining forces with their amazing team, we can leverage the technology and scale of their platform and focus on what matters -- delivering an incredible photo experience to over 100 million people.
The mobile photo-sharing marketplace has seen significant changes in 2012. In addition to Facebook’s $1 billion purchase of Instagram, the year saw Google acquire Snapseed. Earlier this month, Twitter began promoting their own new photo-editing service. Dropbox has yet to announce what changes they plan on implementing now that they own Snapjoy. As usual, we'll keep you updated.
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