The first-generation iPad mini is shaping up to be one of the top gifts of 2012. Within a few months, however, the device could make way for a next generation model. In fact, the current version of Apple’s smaller tablet could become outdated much quicker than first believed, according to CNET.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Doug Freedman, who is in China visiting supply chain sources, says that the second-generation iPad mini is already being “pulled in” to the supply chain.

As CNET explains, “pulled in” implies that Apple is moving up production on the second iPad mini.

That would be helpful if we knew when the gen 2 Mini was actually slated to ship in the first place. As the current iPad Mini is still in short supply, we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Earlier this month, I explained how Apple was almost certainly moving to a six-month product life cycle. At the time, I said that this really shouldn’t bother anyone. However, as any iPad 3 owner already knows, it can be frustrating nonetheless.

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Source: CNET