Amid its users’ concerns about its controversial new terms of service, Instagram has just received an update containing a number of improvements.

The app’s latest update introduces a new filter called Mayfair. Bringing off a washed-out effect with pinkish hues, Mayfair joins Willow, which was introduced through the app’s previous update, and the 17 other filters in Instagram.

The update also brings back the ability to work with photos from any album. Prior to the update, only photos in the camera roll could be selected to be shared on Instagram. But now, the app lets you access any of your albums and choose any photo you have tucked in there.

Furthermore, the new version of Instagram includes Facebook iOS 6 integration. Instagram is, after all, a Facebook-owned app, so better Integration with its parent social network is only to be expected.


To take advantage of seamless Facebook iOS 6 integration in Instagram, you must first, well, be logged in to Facebook on iOS 6. Otherwise, Instagram will revert to establishing a link through the Facebook iOS app when you change your share settings for Facebook.

Designed for iPhone and iPod touch, and now enhanced with support for 25 languages, Instagram is available in the App Store for free.

Apparently, the app’s new update brings about a peculiar UI bug affecting the app’s privacy setting slider. As noted by The Verge, the privacy setting appears to have been reset to “off” after the update for users who have previously set it to “on.”

But in reality, even as it’s indicated as being deactivated, the privacy setting is very much active for private accounts. “Instagram has informed us that they are aware of the issue,” reports The Verge, “and confirmed that private accounts remain private despite the state of the slider.”