Have you been wondering what Draw Something creator OMGPOP has been up to since being acquired by Zynga last March? Well, aside from trying to keep Draw Something afloat with occasional updates, OMGPOP has been developing a brand new game. And the name of this brand new game is … Draw Something Pro!

That’s right. OMGPOP’s highly anticipated follow-up to Draw Something is none other than a Pro version of Draw Something, which is out now in the App Store.

Let’s back up a little bit here, shall we? Draw Something is, technically, the paid, ad-free version of the popular social drawing game. It has a free, ad-supported version in the form of Draw Something Free. In App Store parlance, the paid, ad-free Draw Something may as well be Draw Something Pro.

So, what exactly is the newly released Draw Something Pro? As its App Store description states, it’s the latest ad-free version of the popular social drawing game.

Draw Something Pro

But unlike the universal Draw Something and Draw Something Free, Draw Something Pro is compatible with iPad only and is “enhanced” with the following new features:

• Never run out of BOMBS. Ever.
• Gain access to ALL SPECIAL WORDS at no extra cost
• Unlimited GUESS help – keep your streaks alive

• 10 brilliant new colors available only in PRO

• A larger drawing screen optimized just for iPad

Apparently, being a pro in Draw Something means having an advantage over your opponents — an advantage that comes at a price.

Draw Something Pro is available now in the App Store for $4.99. The original Draw Something game is available for a couple of dollars less, while the ad-supported Draw Something Free is available for free, of course.

Note that if you already have Draw Something or Draw Something Free, your existing account, games, and colors will be automatically carried over once you log in to Draw Something Pro.

So, are you willing to go Pro? Or did you already get tired of playing Draw Something, like I did a long time ago?