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Quickly Adjust The Brightness On Your Device With This Jailbreak Tweak

BrightVol is a new jailbreak tweak designed to help those who need an easier way to adjust the brightness on their device. This tweak allows you to turn up the brightness using the volume buttons on an iOS device. While this isn't the first tweak to add this feature to a jailbroken device, BrightVol has a special Activator method to invoke its functionality. When you’d like to adjust the brightness on your device, press the volume buttons at the same time to enable brightness mode. The up and down buttons will now adjust the screen brightness. When you’re finished, you can either wait 30 seconds, or simultaneously press the buttons again to return to volume mode. There are no settings to configure, but you can specify a different Activator method to switch between the two modes for the volume buttons. Check out our video overview below to see the tweak in action. BrightVol is available in the Cydia Store (via the BigBoss repository) for free.

If you cannot see the above video, please click this link.

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