When you’re certifiably crazy, it’s important to remember to take your medication. However, I believe that the nurse dispensing the medications has gotten bored with the mundane routine that comes with such a job. Why just give the patients their medication when you can make them work for it? Thus, Crazytarium came into existence. This universal app demonstrates what can happen when you decide to have a little fun with a crazy person.

Help him get his medications.

This crazed lunatic is desperate to get his medication. There are three pills to get in each level. The problem is that he is so loopy that he can only run in the direction that he is facing. There’s no room in his mind for complex ideas like slowing down or turning around. If you want him to go in the other direction, you have to bounce him off of his padded walls to get him to face the other way. Poor soul.

i hope those medications are sedatives.

The pills determine your score at the end of the level, much like The Police Story or Sneezeman. You can continue to retry the level until you get it right, but sometimes you get tired of replaying the same level for the millionth time. Crazytarium gives you the option to skip a difficult level and come back to it later. Luckily, in order to move on to the next level, you only need to collect one pill.

To finish the level, you need to swallow your medication with a glass of water. Considering that this crazy person munches on his meds like they’re PEZ candies, I don’t think he’s all too worried about choking on it or his medicine going down rough.

There are 72 levels to play through and they are spread out over three worlds. Well, they’re actually spread out over three different mental facilities. The pills that you collect in each world help to unlock subsequent ones. The developers also have plans for more levels in the future.

Crazytarium is available in the App Store for $0.99.