Samsung, which has a history of either duplicating or making fun of Apple’s ad campaigns, is at it again. However, this time the Galaxy S III creator is trying to take advantage of Apple’s latest iOS 6 Maps fiasco to their advantage, according to CNET Australia.

As the attached photos show, Samsung has installed an ad in Sydney that involves a number of set pieces including an actual off-road vehicle. It also includes a sign that reads, “Oops, Should have got a Samsung GALAXY S III. Get navigation you can trust.”

Samsung's Maps "Ad"

Samsung’s Maps “Ad”

As Aldrin Calimlin reported earlier this week, police in Mildura, a regional city in northwestern Victoria, alerted motorists not to use Apple’s mapping system. They have also reached out to Apple regarding the issue. All this came as a result of six motorists being stuck in Murray Sunset National Park instead of arriving safely at Mildura.

I’m not typically one to endorse Samsung’s ads, especially when they go after Apple directly. However, in this case, if the shoe fits … As I opined previously, the mishap in Australia should be reason enough for Apple to pull iOS 6 Maps from the market before someone gets hurt.

It will be interesting to see whether Samsung takes their latest ad … on the road.

Source: CNET Australia