If you’ve ever needed to mass delete text messages on an iOS device, then you understand how much of a hassle the process can be. In order to clean out your text messages, you have to delete them individually.

SMSOptions Pro is a new jailbreak tweak that adds a very useful “Clear All” option to the Messages app along with a couple of other useful features.

Once installed, SMSOptions Pro will allow you to hide your messages, delete them in bulk, and also set up an auto-reply message. Overall, the tweak works great, but it’s all or nothing with SMSOptions Pro. If you want to delete messages in bulk, you only have the option to “Clear All.” If you’d like to hide your messages, it’s all or nothing. The auto-reply feature is neat, but in my experience, it wasn’t very consistent.

I’d love to see this tweak updated with the option to bulk delete by selecting multiple messages along with the “Clear All” option.

Check out our video overview to see the tweak in action. SMSOptions Pro is available in the Cydia Store (via the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository) for $0.99.

If you cannot see the above video, please click this link.