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StartupNoise Offers Company Or Project Promotion At No Cost

StartupNoise is a new app for iPhone that is worth checking out because of its unique purpose. The app, along with the companion website, is designed to help entrepreneurs and startup businesses promote themselves. Unlike sites like Kickstarter, StartupNoise doesn’t ask users to donate money. Instead, it serves only as a promotional tool. The aim is to create a community of startups, journalists, and potential investors who are able to learn about the most recent and exciting market disruptions via iOS and Android. [caption id="attachment_361696" align="aligncenter" width="270"]StartupNoise StartupNoise[/caption] To get started, companies create an account and write a brief overview of their business with the help of an online form. This includes the project description, logo, photos, videos, and more. When the startup is offering apps, one can put links to Google Play, the App Store, and the Windows Phone Store, when applicable. Each overview is revisable at any time. Once an overview is approved, the information is pushed to every mobile device that has the app installed. Here, registered users can "star" companies they like and want to hear more about. [caption id="attachment_361701" align="aligncenter" width="892"]StartupNoise StartupNoise website[/caption] StartupNoise looks extremely promising, especially for those with a big idea, but little or no budget to promote it. For more information, or to register, visit the StartupNoise website.
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