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The AppAdvice BookBook For iPhone 5 Review

There are iPhone 5 cases, and then there is the BookBook case by TwelveSouth. Long popular with users, this leather hybrid wallet and iPhone case only recently arrived for Apple’s latest phone. Indeed, the wait was worth it. [caption id="attachment_363708" align="aligncenter" width="1265"]BookBook for iPhone 5 BookBook for iPhone 5[/caption] Available in Classic Black or Vintage Brown, the BookBook for iPhone 5 is just as beautiful and practical as the previous model. However, it does come with one important new feature: a built-in camera hole. As someone who is always taking photos, I find this feature reason alone to purchase the case. However, it is just one of many features that make the BookBook well worth its price of $59.99. Before going into the specifics, realize that the BookBook case was made to be seen. However, you probably already knew this. Slapped shut, and the case looks like a small, well-worn book. Opened up, and the BookBook looks like you’re just reading from your favorite journal. In both situations, the iPhone is disguised for added security. [caption id="attachment_363705" align="aligncenter" width="509"]BookBook for iPhone 5 BookBook for iPhone 5 - Packaging[/caption] [caption id="attachment_363706" align="aligncenter" width="593"]BookBook for iPhone 5 BookBook for iPhone 5[/caption] Inside, the vintage-style case has a convenient ID window, plus four slots for your debit/credit cards. Behind these is a small pocket with just enough room to put some cash. However, don’t go overboard here. Rightly, or wrongly, the case was not designed to hold that much. In particular, I found that six cards is the maximum BookBook will allow without bulking up to an undesirable level. In terms of cash, stop at five bills. And coins -- forget about it. Once you get past these limitations, BookBook for iPhone is pure bliss. After of few days of use, your iPhone will fit so well that you’ll think that case and phone were separated at birth. Further wear will convince you never to separate the two again. This case is a winner. It provides functionality, security, and yes, it's amazing to look at.  And its leather smell is absolutely wonderful. BookBook for iPhone 5 is available for immediate shipment through the TwelveSouth website or at select retailers.  
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