Today’s Best Apps features the most promising new releases from the last 24 hours. Thousands of apps get approved by Apple daily and we find what we think are the new potential gems that we’re considering for review each day.


Motorblast by Mad Processor ($0.99, 186.6 MB): Motorblast is an action racing game for iOS. In this game, you take control of an armed vehicle and destroy your opponents. The game features all sorts of guns, mines, shields, and more. The game offers great graphics and engaging gameplay.

Army Wars Tactics by Magic Cube ($2.99, 30.4 MB): Army Wars Tactics is a strategy game for iOS. In this game, you create your own troop, hire a mercenary, and go onto the battlefield. There are six types of playable commanders, six mercenaries, 40 types of guns, and more.


Sweatshop HD Premium by Channel 4 ($2.99, 28.9 MB): In Sweatshop, you must manage a clothing factory and juggle the needs of clients with your workers. It is up to you to hire, fire, and prevent workers from dying in an industrial blaze. It is up to you to create an ideal factory to produce the clothes.

That’s it for today. Did we miss anything?