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CES 2013: Blue Launches Nessie, The Microphone For Fearless Recording

Blue Microphones, the makers of the Mikey Digital, as well as the Sparks Digital and the Yeti, was showing off the newest addition to their microphone family at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. We were on the scene and got the goods on what to expect from Blue in 2013. The Nessie, Blue Microphones’ newest product is an easy-to-use out of the box microphone that delivers studio-enhanced sound for desktop recordings. Similar to the auto sensitivity setting of the Mikey Digital, this smart mic automatically adjusts for any audio changes. It includes a built-in pop filter to eliminate all of those hard “P”s that cause so much trouble in the studio. It also features an internal shockmount for vibration protection. If you’ve ever tried recording a podcast with the mic on a desktop, you’ll know how important the shockmount is. The best part about the Nessie is that it automatically applies studio processing in real time so you don’t have to. It adjusts for equalization, level controls, removing of hisses from voice, and more while you are recording. The Nessie is compatible with USB ports. It is intended for use with a desktop or laptop computer. However, the microphone is compatible with most audio recording apps for iOS, so you can plug it into your iPhone or iPad using the Camera Connection Kit (which includes a USB adapter). The Nessie is scheduled to be available by the first half of 2013 for only $99. Sign up for updates on its release from the company’s website. Check out the video below of AppAdvice’s Dom Esposito talking with Hillary from Blue Microphones. If you are having trouble seeing the video, click here for a direct link to it on YouTube.
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