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CES: Linea Pro 4 Available For Enterprise Point Of Sale Solution

AppAdvice caught up with the Infinite Peripherals booths at CES 2013 to learn more about options available for iDevice use in the enterprise. Business owners don’t need to be Nordstrom or Apple to include point of sale transactions on an iDevice. Infinite Peripherals offers the Linea Pro 4, which is a case that adds credit card swiping and barcode scanning to the iPhone and iPod Touch. For customers who want to check out immediately, the magnetic strip reader can quickly and securely cover that. The reader uses 3-track bidirectional reading capabilities, meaning users don’t need to worry about sliding the card through in only one possible way. Even though there are plenty of apps that use the iDevice’s built-in camera, the Linea Pro 4 adds an infrared reader that bypasses the need for the camera all together. Quickly scan and recognize most any barcode. Infinite Peripherals also offers accessories for the Linea Pro 4, including holsters, shoulder straps, and chargers. The company offers an API for developers to create apps based on whatever need they’d required for the Linea Pro 4. Plenty of apps are already available for uses such as events, inventory, reports, and point of sale to name a few. You can visit the Infinite Peripherals website to learn more about how you may want to integrate this technology into their business. Click here if you don’t see the embedded video. Do you think point of service sales should be the future? Disqus.
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