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Handmade Highlights: Have Some Holiday Cash In Your Pocket? Check Out These iDevice Sleeves

The holidays are over, and in addition to a few extra pounds from all the goodies, many of you likely have pockets full of cash and brand new iDevices to tote around. If you got a shiny new device this holiday season or if you simply want a makeover for an existing device, I’ve got the perfect solution - an awesome handmade sleeve for your iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch. I’ve featured felt cases quite a few times on Handmade Highlights, and that’s because it can be used for so many different designs and it’s thick enough to offer decent protection. Etsy seller Rabbitrampage uses felt to make retro-style sleeves in a wide array of designs. For example, check out this iPhone case that is crafted to look like a classic Mac. It’s beautifully constructed and looks like the real thing. There are also iPhone cases that look like the Xbox 360 and the original Playstation, with designs that are spot on. Looking for a case for an iPad or an iPad mini? Check out this sleeve that resembles an old school floppy disk, or the one that’s made to look like a Gameboy. These cases are built to order, so you can get them for any size iDevice, including the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4/4S, and the iPod touch. The mini selection is a bit limited, but you can often ask Etsy sellers for a custom-designed product. The iPhone cases range in price from $25 to $38, while the iPad cases cost $35 to $43. Before I go, I also wanted to share a quick accessory from the same seller. You may not need a sleeve, but these app icon keychains are hard to pass up. The icons are designed to resemble some of Apple’s most popular apps, like Safari, Maps, and Notes. You can get these in sets of two or four for $12 to $24. Want even more Handmade Highlights? Check out my archives. As always, if you find an awesome handmade item that you would like to see featured, make sure to get in touch.
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