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Show Off The Inside Of Your iPhone 5 With This Translucent Mod Kit

The folks from iPhone5Mod are back with another interesting accessory for the handset. The company has just introduced a Translucent Mod Kit for the iPhone 5. Claming to be scratchproof and anti-fingerprint, the kit is available in one of seven colors for $39.90. Along with the back panel, the SIM card slot, mute switch button, power button, and Lightning port slot are also transparent. The front of the iPhone is not modified in any way. Made with durable plastic, the kit can withstand being bent during installation. Here’s a video about the kit. Click here if you can’t see it. And if you’re sold on the modification, iPhone5Mod has a good deal for you. For a limited time, buyers will receive all seven colors of the detachable top and bottom panels along with the mod kit. After the promotion, you’ll have to purchase all seven complete kits for a discounted price of $169. While it looks interesting, the kit does come with a pretty big downside. Installing it will void your iPhone 5’s warranty, which is a pretty big risk to take. But your handset will definitely stand out from the crowd. The company gained notoriety for producing the first working unauthorized Lightning accessory back in October. Our own Robin Rhys took a look at the colorful iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock in an episode of AppAdvice Daily. [gallery link="file"]
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