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Some iOS 7 Features AppAdvice Readers Would Like To See

Our recent report, “Eight New Features We Want To See in iOS 7,” generated quite a few responses from our readers. Many, in fact, felt that our list was a little bit too tame. With this in mind, we’re posting some iOS 7 feature requests as suggested by our loyal readers. Enjoy! Photos / Camera Many people want Apple to reinvent how photos are stored on iOS devices. Specifically, they want the option to move photos between albums without being forced to keep all of the photos on the camera roll. Additionally, quite a few readers are hoping to see new Camera features in iOS 7 including the ability to zoom during video recording. Make closing apps simpler How about a single click to close all of the apps that are opened? Currently, the only way to do this is to double-click the home button and close apps one at a time. Change how universal apps use space High-resolution graphics for the iPad must also be installed on the iPhone, even though they aren’t actually used on the smartphone. This results in larger-than-necessary app files. Readers want a little bit more flexibility so that they aren’t wasting space. Horizontal home screen The iPad has this, but the iPhone does not. What's up with that? A new or redesigned Notes app Readers would like the ability to add folders, different paper themes, and some sharing options. Day/Night Mode Although iOS already has an auto-brightness feature, many readers want more. Specifically, they are asking for a day/night mode that can be activated either manually, or according to the time of day. Incorporate voice in Messages app In order to send voice messages, users must first record one via the Voice Memos app. Readers would like to perform with less steps. Time Machine in iOS 7 This would give users the ability to use previous versions of apps. Will Apple implement this? Probably not. A Today screen We’ve heard this feature request many times in the past. Sure, it sounds a lot like Android, but we'll put it out there nonetheless. As a reminder, iOS 7 is likely to be unveiled in June at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. As usual, we'll keep you updated. Do you have a feature request not yet mentioned? If so, what is it?  
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