RHA, which has made a name for itself by offering inexpensive but awesome sounding headphones and earphones, looks to be targeting Apple’s less-than-perfect EarPods with its new MA150.

With a design inspired by a trumpet’s bell that channels sound from the 10mm drivers to the ear, the MA150 is touted to bring a wide frequency range including power bass, dynamic mid tones, and clear treble.

The $19.95 headphones also feature a 1.2 meter rubber cable and a 45-degree gold-plated connector.

RHA first entered the North American market late last year with the introduction of the MA450i earphones and SA950i headphones. Clocking in at $49.95 and $59.95, respectively, both options really surprised me with high-quality audio usually found in much more expensive units. I even recommended the earphones as one of my holiday gift ideas for iPhone owners.

While the MA150 doesn’t include the in-line remote or a choice of different eartips, it does look like a nice entry-level set that could be used as a spare pair of earphones.

The earphones will be on sale starting Thursday, Jan. 31 and can be preordered now directly from the company’s site or Amazon.com.