The folks at The Iconfactory have released a new update to their popular app, Twitterrific 5. The Twitter client now includes a number of new features on both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

Version 5.0.2, out now in the App Store, includes:


• Simplified reading mode for the in-app browser using Instapaper or Readability
• Find tweets in all timelines via ‘History’ search (new search tab)
• Image previews are displayed directly in the timeline
• Photo viewer now displays images without a frame


• In-app web browser now uses the entire screen on iPad
• Twitterrific now loads 100 tweets while refreshing or loading more
• New gesture: Tap and hold the RT icon on a tweet to quickly retweet with a comment
• When user avatars are hidden in the timeline, tap on a username to open a profile
• VoiceOver now uses a relative date/time on tweets instead of an absolute one
• Added VoiceOver accessibility to the Load More button
• Searches and Lists in the sidebar are now ordered alphabetically
• Tapping outside of popup navigation on iPad now dismisses view
• Visual improvements to popup navigation and views
• Other minor interface improvements


• Fixed an issue where empty Twitter accounts in iOS Settings could cause a crash
• Adjusted scroll to top area so it’s less likely to be tapped by accident
• Foreign keyboards no longer cover up the bottom of the compose screen
• Fixed a bug that prevented some of your friends/followers from being displayed
• Replying to your own reply no longer loses the conversation thread

The $2.99 Twitterrific 5 for Twitter app is available now in the App Store. For our December review, click here.