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Amazon Is Using A Little White Lie In New Kindle Fire HD Ad That Goes After The iPad

Amazon is out with a new ad for the company's Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet that goes after Apple’s iPad. Unfortunately, the largest online retailer in the world misses the mark in terms of accuracy. Here is the ad:

It is true that the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch is $200 less than Apple’s least expensive iPad with Retina display. However, the iPad’s screen is better, which is something Amazon fails to mention. In fact, the ad clearly states that the two screens are essentially the same. In both size and pixel density, the iPad's 9.7-inch panel bests Amazon’s LCD screen. Specifically, the iPad has a resolution of 264 pixels per inch. Amazon’s tablet has a lower-resolution 254 pixel density. Not that this may matter to some buyers. For the budget conscious, price alone could sway many to choose Amazon over Apple. Last month, it was reported that Apple's share of the worldwide tablet market continues to drop. Cupertino's share is now 43.6 percent compared to Samsung's 15.1 percent, and Amazon's 11.5 percent. The next iPad mini is rumored to include a 324ppi Retina display. We wonder what Amazon will say (or rather, not say) about that? Via: AppleInsider
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