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Apple Scores A Victory Over Samsung In Japan

In the continued worldwide patent war that has defined the relationship between Apple and Samsung in recent years, Cupertino scored a victory. In Japan, the South Korean company was unsuccessful in their bid to stop iPad sales, according to Bloomberg. Judge Ichiro Otaka rejected Samsung’s request to pull the tablet from the market stating that the company hadn’t negotiated “sincerely” with Apple over licensing data-sending patents. The judge also said that Samsung doesn’t have the right to seek damages from Cupertino. According to Samsung spokesman Nam Ki-yung, an appeal appears likely, stating "we will take the measures necessary to protect our intellectual property rights." Apple and Samsung continue fighting in courts all around the world, each claiming that the other has stolen mobile technology. Although Apple won a landmark case against Samsung in the U.S. last summer, the Galaxy S III maker has won rounds elsewhere.
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