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Belkin Introduces Its FastFit Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case For The iPad mini

Not to be outdone by Logitech, Belkin has announced its own slim keyboard solution for the iPad mini. The FastFit Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case measures in at just 7mm, thinner than the svelte tablet itself. With the company’s TruType Keyboard, Belkin is promising that the keys are well spaced for fast and accurate typing. Each key also has a spring mechanism that provides tactile feedback when struck. [caption id="attachment_380504" align="aligncenter" width="540"]The keyboard case measures in at 7mm. The keyboard case measures in at 7mm.[/caption] Using a Bluetooth 3.0 connection, the case's battery can last for up to 155 hours of active use without needing to be recharged. The FastFit is secured to the iPad mini’s frame with magnets, and it also activates the tablet’s auto-wake feature. The keyboard will retail for $79.99. Belkin said the case will be available to preorder on its site soon. Belkin already introduced the Portable Keyboard case for the iPad mini last year. But the FastFit looks to be a superior option thanks to its small size and weight. The announcement comes just a day after Logitech took the wraps off of its similar Ultrathin Keyboard mini. A smaller version of the company’s keyboard cover for the iPad, it will also set you back $79.99 when it is available. While both of these options look nice, I’m still interested to see if it is actually possible to be productive with such a small keyboard.