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Bolstered By iPhone 5, Apple Takes 22 Percent Share Of Global Smartphone Market

Yesterday, Canalys reported that Apple remained as the global PC market leader for the fourth quarter of 2012, thanks to its iPad shipments. Today, the research firm has reported that Apple took hold of more than a fifth of the worldwide smartphone market for the same quarter. Canalys notes that at 216.5 million units shipped, the smartphone market represented almost half of all mobiles phones shipped during the holiday quarter. Of the total mobile phones shipped, 34 percent were powered by Google's Android while 11 percent were powered by Apple's iOS. Naturally, the numbers for both Android and Apple are higher in the smartphone-only market. Out of all of the smartphones shipped during the just-ended quarter, 69.2 percent were Android devices while 22.1 percent were Apple devices. That's equivalent to the 47.8 million iPhones reported to have been sold by Apple in the last quarter of last year. Additionally, Canalys notes that Apple's share increased by seven percent as a result of a significant boost from its iPhone 5 shipments. [caption id="attachment_381097" align="aligncenter" width="659"] Canalys: Worldwide Smartphone Market Q4 2012[/caption] Apple ranked second among smartphone manufacturers, just behind Samsung, which had a 29 percent market share. Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo rounded up the top five with shares of 5.3, 4.7, and 4.4 percent, respectively. They came ahead of BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Nokia, whose shares respectively stood at 3.5, 2.4, and 1.5 percent. "BlackBerry, Microsoft and Nokia, as well as other Android vendors, have strategies and devices in place to attack, but the task is daunting to say the least," said Canalys principal analyst Pete Cunningham. "When we look at the whole of 2012," he added, "Nokia remained the number three smart phone vendor, shipping 35 million units, but Apple in second place shipped 101 million more handsets. First-placed Samsung shipped 74 million more than Apple – the gaps are colossal. But there is still a big opportunity as smart phone penetration increases around the world." To view Canalys' full newsroom report, please click here. Source: Canalys Via: AppleInsider
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