Tetris is one of the most well known and popular mobile games, thanks to its zen-like Tetromino-stacking gameplay. Back in late 2011, EA revamped Tetris, adding new graphics and several new game modes, but leaving the original gameplay largely untouched.

Today EA announced the release of a new game that puts a spin on the classic Tetromino-arranging gameplay, Tetris Blitz. Tetris Blitz offers newly updated graphics and challenging time-limited gameplay.

Tetris Blitz is played in two minute spurts, where the goal is to acquire as many points as possible. There is a new Frenzy Mode and an array of power ups that will be released each week.

New one-touch controls include a “drag and place” option, while leaving the traditional swipe gestures in place.

Like Bejeweled Blitz, Tetris Blitz is a freemium game, meaning it will use EA’s in-app coin purchasing system.

Tetris Blitz will be available for download in the App Store in the coming months.